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Property Management

MJM understands your needs  as a  Property Manager,  to have a reliable security system in order to protect your  property and more importantly provide the peace of mind security that your tenants deserve. We treat your property as if it were our own.  The MJM business model is to provide the most robust security system installation and back it up with quality service whenever needed.

MJM is the ideal security system provider to partner with property management  businesses in the Southern California.  Our 15 years experience makes a difference because we understand how to integrate existing security systems with new components. MJM has the complete wrap around support for your security needs from burglar alarms, fire alarm systems, access control, to surveillance video.

There is much more to installing a security system today than ever before with the ability to integrate different types of security systems. New technologies for security systems are creating opportunities that can make managing a building more cost effective and efficient.  MJM is proficient with the convergence of information technologies (IT) products.  Our experience with integration of many types of systems ensures the proper assimilation of security products with existing and new  security devices.

We are certified and authorized to install and service  the equipment we use. Our staff is factory trained.  We know how to provide a seamless security system integration for small offices to large commercial complexes.  We have an expertise with new security systems that can reduce tenant operational costs. Our systems are capable of remote and tired administrative control.  This way one or several property manager(s) can better service multiple locations.

Why not call us today and let us explain different ways that we can make your properties more secure for your tenants and more profitable for your property management business.