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Contractor Services

MJM has over 15 years experience working with contractors and is a proven leader with installation of security systems from custom residential houses to large commercial buildings. Our engineering and installation teams are master craftsmen of the security systems that we install and monitor. This is the best way to maintain consistent results for on time project schedules and correct budget estimates.  MJM has the complete wrap around support for your security needs from burglar alarms, fire alarm systems, access control, to surveillance video.

There is much more to installing a security system today than ever before with the ability to integrate different types of security systems. New technologies for security systems are creating opportunities that are more cost effective and more efficient solutions for fire alarm systems, burglar alarm, video surveillance, and access control systems.  MJM is proficient with the convergence of information technologies (IT) products.  Our experience with integration of many types of systems ensures the proper assimilation of security products with existing and new  security devices.

Let MJM focus on engineering the design and the project management for the most reliable long-term solutions for the security aspects of your building, while your  company focuses on the other electrical elements of the implementation. This allows you, the contractor, to offer your client the best possible prices and most reliable solutions for integration of security devices.   

MJM is has the experience, the licenses, and the insurance requirements for your projects.  MJM is dedicated to providing the superior quality service that your company needs for your ongoing company success and for the satisfaction of your clients.