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Commercial Verified Alarm Systems

Verified alarm systems are a new and important tool in helping improve law enforcement efficiency and success rates. A simple security solution that alerts Central Station dispatchers by delivering video footage to accompany alarm notification, the verified alarm/video is sent to the monitoring station to relay to Law Enforcement.

Faster response ensures your business is protected

Verified security systems deliver police attention when you need it most; these alarms are generally treated as crimes-in-progress. With the lead time it affords police, there is a better chance the intruders will be caught before they are able to leave the premises.

Not only are false alarms significantly reduced or practically eliminated, responding officers arrive better prepared to the response environment, aware of the number of intruders, descriptions, etc.

Unique features of verified alarm systems include:

  • Identify false alarms, such as alarms triggered by animals
  • Up to 24 cameras in a single system
  • Remote system operation for up to 2 years on batteries
  • 30 ft. night illumination
  • Wireless capabilities
  • Motion sensing

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