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Commercial Security Systems

Today, businesses have more complex security needs than ever. Internal crimes that rob profits from companies are compounded by theft, property damage, shoplifting, fraud, personal injury and many other operational challenges. By protecting your business with a reliable and risk-appropriate security solution, you can to confront these risks head-on.

From basic systems for convenience and retail stores to highly complex, sophisticated systems for high-rise office complexes, our commitment to your business begins when we perform a comprehensive evaluation of your security needs, surveying your requirements to determine the best solution to protect your business.

Equipped with extensive installation and product knowledge, we can specify and install burglar and fire alarms, video surveillance systems, access control and intercom systems to create the optimal security solution for your business needs.

Our commercial security systems are scalable and designed to protect commercial properties of all sizes and configurations, across all industries. Let MJM Security evaluate your needs for a state-of-the-art intrusion detection system, to safeguard your business from break-ins, robberies and violent crimes.

Intrusion detection

Intrusion detection systems use an audible alarm that sounds in the event of a break in. MJM installs, maintains and monitors a wide range of security products, including:

  • Perimeter and interior devices
  • Door and window contact switches
  • Motion sensors
  • Glass break sensors
  • Hold-up buttons

Our integrated security solutions allow you to detect intrusion, identify which alarm user has accessed the system, record and identify thieves using the latest camera technology and report the type and location of the emergency.

You can have your alarm system monitored by a central station monitoring center, for faster emergency response times in the event of a break in or robbery. We employ a U.L. Certified Monitoring Station staffed by skilled, professional operators ready to assist your emergency, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Commercial protection

A commercial alarm system protects your business from inventory/revenue loss and employee safety. Protection from lawsuits and other costly future liabilities is an added benefit of such a system.

Take control of your commercial security

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