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Commercial Video Surveillance

Implementing a CCTV system can represent a significant step toward protecting company assets, as recent improvements have made video surveillance a powerful, cost-effective crime prevention tool. Systems installed by MJM Security provide for a broad array of business CCTV applications including theft, robbery, false claims, inventory shrinkage, employee surveillance, monitoring building entry and much more.

Video surveillance deters break-ins; the presence of cameras can often be all you need to prevent intruders from attempting illegal entry. Also, studies show that employees are significantly less likely to steal from employers when they know cameras are watching.

You can begin with a crystal clear high-resolution 4-camera system and upgrade to more coverage (9 or 16 cameras) as your needs increase.

  • Monitor critical areas
  • Assess incidents for appropriate action
  • Night time and thermal image coverage
  • Exceptional image clarity and comprehensive integration
  • Compression for fast travel over IP networks

Providing a level of ease of operation and effectiveness never before available, today's digital CCTV systems use digital recorders for broad coverage, enabling you to simultaneously record, playback and view live. Many units also have built-in DVD/CD burners so you can easily transfer video files for investigations.

Use a DVR with a built-in motion detector to prevent using unnecessary resources and storing extraneous video. Connect the DVR to the Internet to view live feeds or archived videos from a remote location.

Networked solutions improve efficiency

Internet Protocol (IP) based cameras provide additional flexibility for your system. A networked video solution also improves your overall safety and security, using indoor, outdoor and night vision cameras as the perfect way to protect your assets.

Whether you need a one-camera system to view at one location, or have multiple camera locations to view over the Internet, MJM Security will design a cost-efficient CCTV system solution to meet your requirements. Each CCTV system installed by MJM Security is custom-designed to meet your individual business needs, and can be scalable as you grow.

Improve safety and security

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